Construction Equipment Transport

When it comes to the transport of your heaviest grade construction equipment, there's little room for error, and we understand that. One late shipment could slow your job site to a crawl. This is why at Total Transport Services, we make our entire arsenal of convenient services available to our clients, including our comprehensive, 24/7 customer service.

We Move ALL Types of Construction Equipment

Often, we'll have prospective clients ask us what types of equipment we're capable of transporting. Our simple answer? All kinds. From the largest cranes, graders, excavators and backhoes, to smaller equipment like drills, lifts, forklifts and augers, we have logistics solutions for any shipping problem you might come across!

All Our Knowledge and Expertise, Right at Your Fingertips

Because we understand the impact of a delayed shipment of construction equipment, we're sharing our expertise with you. Available instantly for your use, we offer 24/7, live customer support contact, door-to-door pick up and delivery, and our on-time, reliable shipping services. Just another way that Total Transport Services and our partners have your back, every step of the way.

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We Transport Your Heavy Equipment Anywhere You Want It

One of the major advantages of using the wide variety of services offered by Total Transport is that our partners have been in the shipping business for a long time, and they've all been vetted. This means that no matter who you trust to take your equipment you get peace of mind that they know their stuff, and are intimately familiar with the major shipping routes your equipment will travel.

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